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We will always be the there.

This is Packsang Metal Co.,Ltd.
Thank you for visiting our website.
The market for non-ferrous and special metals
is becoming more globalized day by day!
Based on trust and sincerity,
our Packsang Metal has continued to grow
with the highly growing non-ferrous and special metal scrap market.
Packsang Metal's today was all possible
because of your constant consideration and trust.
In the rapidly changing 21st century,
Packsang Metal will continue to grow with you as a scrap company
that handles nickel, copper, aluminum, and stainless steel etc.
Packsang Metal Co.,Ltd. All employees

Vision 21

  • With faith and love, a springboard of leaps and bounds.

    Packsang Metal Co.,Ltd. will now soar
    to become a more reliable company
    based on your constant trust and love
    in the globalized non-ferrous, special metal scrap market.
  • With trust and sincerity.

    In the meantime, Packsang Metal Co.,Ltd. has taken root
    as a sincere company based on your generous
    encouragement and steady interest in the highly
    growing non-ferrous and special metal market.
  • We will be the there, always like the first time.

    In the new 21st century, Packsang Metal Co.,Ltd.
    will always be the there without frustration at all odds.
    Packsang Metal Co.,Ltd. as it used to be and still is,
    will always be there, not conceited but sincere.

Company Overview

Company name

Packsang Metal Co.,Ltd.

Establishment date

September 21st, 1989


Daesig Yoon

Business License Registration Number

  • Headquater

    The headquarters has a 4,959㎡ logistics warehouse
    in Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province. We maintain and support
    a stable business relationship based on trust by
    quickly and accurately performing business operations with clients
    using 3 5-ton trucks, 1 3.5-ton trucks, 2 1-ton trucks, 3 forklift trucks,
    3 commercial vehicles, and 3 handheld metal analyzers.

  • Eonyang Business Site

  • Hungarian Corporation


2011 ~ 2021
  • 2021's
    Website renewal complete
  • 2018's
    Established Hungarian Corporation
  • 2013's
    Erection of Eonyang Business Site
  • 2011's
    March 28th
    incorporation of going business Erection of the current workplace
2001 ~ 2010
  • 2010's
    July 30th
    Website renewal complete
  • 2006's
    July 1st
    Change Packsang Metal CI and open website
  • 2004's
    Conducting analysis using the NITON handheld metal analyzer
  • 2003's
    October 1st August 1st
    Packsang Metal Website open Overseas Export Initiation
1989 ~ 2001
  • 1989's
    September 21st
    Establishment of Packsang Metal


  • Headquater

    45, Guksabong-ro 133beon-gil, Docheok-myeon, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Hungarian Corporation

    2225, Ullo, K-Sped Krt.1. Budapest, Hungary
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